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Consensus Economics Inc.
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money imageWe accept payments in UK pounds, US dollars and euros, by cheque or bank transfer. Cheques should be made payable to "Consensus Economics Inc." For bank transfers, please e-mail us at for our full bank account details. If the payment is for a renewal, please provide your account or invoice number. We will then invoice you. If you have any question about our current pricing, please consult our website or telephone us here in London.

Consensus Economics Inc is incorporated in the United States. The company is registered for VAT in the United Kingdom and its VAT number is GB 524 7977 10.


Address Changes

money imageIf you are an existing subscriber and you wish to change the postal or e-mail address for your subscription, please email or fax a change of address request to us, indicating the name of the publication, the name and address of the current subscriber and the changes you wish to make. Please note that, as other individuals within your organisation may also have subscriptions to the same publication, simply indicating the company name may not be enough to allow us to identify your record correctly.


Multi-User Agreements

lock imageMany of our subscribers receive our publications or data as single users. Others, who wish to share our economic forecast data with broader teams of people, prefer to enter into multi-user license agreements with us. Please let us know if you would like us to tailor a multi-user agreement to fit your management requirements.



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lock imageConsensus Economics Inc. (CEI) is committed to protecting the privacy of its subscribers,its panellists and those who register on its website, and operates policies to endeavour to ensure that their personal data is not misused, mislaid or prejudiced by CEI. While endeavouring to protect their privacy, CEI also processes information collected from them in order to provide a personalized, high quality service. CEI uses the names, addresses (including e-mail addresses), telephone and fax numbers of our panellists, subscribers and those who register on our website, which we keep on our electronic databases, principally for the purpose of communication with them. However, occasionally we release such information to other publishers of economic and financial information which we feel might be of interest to subscribers and others, for use in their marketing programmes on a limited basis.


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lock imageCEI employs cookies with the sole intention of improving the website user experience and the specific use of such cookies is outlined below:

CEI uses essential cookies which enable users to navigate through the website and order sample publications and/or submit subscription orders. CEI also makes use of cookies through Google analytics which assists CEI in monitoring website usage patterns. Google analytics cookies do not collect personal data, for example names or e-mail addresses and are used only to record usage activity in order to tailor improvements to the website. CEI does not use targeting advertising cookies, which track pages visited and provide users with targeted advertising relevant to the pages visited and does not permit the use of cookies by third-party advertisers.

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