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Consensus Forecasts - G-7 & Western Europe
US$595 or £395
or €540
US$745 or £485
or €620
Monthly Updates US$1680, £1075, €1190
History from 1989 + Monthly Updates US$6580,  £4685,  €5680

Asia Pacific Consensus Forecasts
US$629 or £419
or €549
US$779 or £509
or €629
Monthly Updates US$1679,  £1079,  €1189
History from 1995 + Monthly Updates US$4588, £3277, €3955

Eastern Europe Consensus Forecasts
US$597 or £387
or €517
US$747 or £477
or €617
Monthly Updates US$1487,  £897,  €1127
History from 1998 + Monthly Updates US$3544,  £2544,  €3055

Latin American Consensus Forecasts
US$593 or £383
or €513
US$743 or £473
or €613
Monthly Updates US$1533,  £993,   €1163
History from 1993 + Monthly Updates US$4336,  £3096,  €3737

Foreign Exchange Consensus Forecasts
US$798 or £538
or €728
US$948 or £628
or €828
Historical Data Since 1989 Available. Please enquire for details.

Energy & Metal Consensus Forecasts
US$790 or £535
or €645
or A$825
US$940 or £625
or €765
or A$995
Historical Data Since 1995 Available. Please enquire for details. Contact Us

Consensus Forecasts - USA


Current Economics - Hard copy only
US$320 or £210
or €305
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